Emily and I had a great time creating a natural setting inspired Senior Portrait Session.  She gave me some simple ideas of what she wanted and I found the right locations to make it happen.  I loved every minute of spending the evening with her.  After the session, this is what she had to say.

My Senior session with Betsy was a blast. I wanted to go with a natural setting and Betsy did a great job finding locations that fit what I wanted! She took me to an opening that lead to field filled with lupines and she also took me to a little pathway behind Mclaughlins at the Marina. Betsy is also very good at helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera! The whole session was very relaxed and organized. My pictures were exactly what I wanted and I had a great time taking them!~Emily
This review makes me SO happy, because what she says about the way she felt is EXACTLY what I feel passionate about providing for my clients!  Thank you Emily for the beautiful evening and taking the time to write such a thoughtful review!

Emily Gagner BLOG_BOARD_4 Emily Gagner BLOG_BOARD_5

Olivia and I spent a lovely evening together for this session. I had so much fun with her and fell in love with that little happy sparkle she has in those beautiful eyes.  All of the outfits and the planning came together magically and it shows in her gorgeous portraits. Some things Olivia did to maximize the success of her session were: Know the kind of location she wanted, get her hair done professionally (would you believe her hair is as curly as her sisters!), and come relaxed and well rested with carefully thought out outfits.  Here she is…..enjoy!BLOG_BOARD_5 BLOG_BOARD_Olivia Doucette.1 BLOG_BOARD_Olivia Doucette

We spent a beautiful evening in a blueberry field.  I sat back and enjoyed their sweet, happy interactions, documenting the connections they share.  There is something important that moves me about telling a families story through images.  I imagine these images as a way of people remembering their happy times together.  And somehow allowing them to go back in time and remember what life was like in this exact moment.  BLOG_BOARD_carver

Mar 06, 2015
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I absolutely love what I do.  I am in love with family sessions because I feel strongly about capturing the connections between each relationship and how seeing those images boosts each individuals happiness.  I love the artistic, beautiful element of Senior portraiture (and I LOVE teenagers!), I love it all and I could never pick a favorite.  But, there is something so special that makes me feel completely honored about being invited into the home of a family with a brand new baby.  The feeling I get with that precious newborn and the ability I have to capture those precious days is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It is the closest I come to feeling the emotions I felt when it was my family with our new babies.

My style of newborn photography fits into my whole photography philosophy.  I believe in capturing connections, moments, memories.  Showing you how beautiful your real life really is.  Capturing the love and emotions you feel every day.  I would love to look back and see the gleam that I had in my own eye during the first days my babies were born into the world.  And I LOVE to give that gift to others.  The best way I can explain what I do is to show you.  Here they are.

Newborn, Bangor Maine Photographer, Betsy RandEnder BLOG_BOARD_3Ender_1004 blogender blog board Ender_1216 blog

Feb 02, 2015
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Jack and I met at the Football field.  He knew he wanted his 10 year pictures to show his love of sports.  We met on a 30 degree day before the snow started falling and he amazed me with his ability to not even be phased by the cold!  I had fun chasing him around the field and watching his love of the game.


Mini sessions are a great option.  Jack and I created lots of memories and beautiful pictures in the course of 30 minutes!

Jack Johnson blog board2Jack Johnson blog board

First of all, for anyone that did not see my post on Face Book:

Betsy Rand Photography has some exciting projects in the works! I am thrilled with the growth that I have seen in the past 5 months and am excited to see the business grow in 2015.

If you are (Or know) a Junior at Bangor, John Bapst, Hermon or Brewer High Schools, and are interested in joining my Senior Representative team you can PM me at


or email me at betsy_rand@yahoo.com

And now on to this beautiful session.  Alyssa envisioned her Senior Portraits in the fall foliage.  As we talked about it, we decided on the Bangor City Forest.  During our time there we captured a ton of beautiful photos and I would say we had a lot of fun doing it!  Alyssa was such a great sport while we followed through with my vision and so relaxed in front of the camera.  All night, I just kept thinking, I love my job!  That is the truth.  I really do.
Bangor Maine Natural Light Photographer, Senior PicturesBLOG_BOARD_Alyssa

Dec 30, 2014
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I feel honored to spend time with families, have fun with them and capture a piece of their lives.  This beautiful family has so much love for each other and the whole process of photographing and editing these moments was such a treat.  My hope is that years down the road, my clients (especially the little ones)  will look back at their session photographs and remember the love they had in their lives.
Betsy Rand Photography Liberatore BLOG_BOARD_3 Liberatore

A few weeks ago, This new location caught my eye while I drove around Bangor.  Abbie and I went there for her session and it was fantastic.  As always, the evening with a teenager is a blast.  Abbie is bright and happy and  I loved learning about her life.   We laughed and talked while I photographed.  Abbie felt so comfortable in front of the camera!   The evening was so natural and fun it maximized each portrait’s ability to capture her beautiful self.

 Betsy Rand Photography, SeniorBetsy Rand Photography, Senior

Betsy Rand Photography, Senior Betsy Rand Photography, Senior   Betsy Rand Photography, Senior    Betsy Rand Photography, Senior    Betsy Rand Photography, Senior Betsy Rand Photography, Senior    Betsy Rand Photography, Senior Betsy Rand Senior PortraitBetsy Rand Photography, SeniorBetsy Rand Photography, SeniorBetsy Rand Photography, Senior

Rilee is a doll.  And I was lucky to spend an evening taking her senior portraits.  I love what I see through the lens of my camera.  It simplifies a person and what I see is their beauty.  Then I get to show it to you, the viewer.  Here she is.  Gorgeous girl.